Psychotherapy Deals With Stress

Psychotherapy can help you deal with anxiety or stress. It has been proved that cognitive behavioral therapy helps in dealing with stress most effectively. This method emphasizes the value of both thought and behavioral processes in being able to understand the reasons behind panic attacks and finding ways to control them.

The basic focus of this therapy is to do away with irrational thoughts which lead to panic attack symptoms. In this panic disorder treatment, the patients are taught how to become aware of unconscious conflicts and recognize defense mechanisms which may influence these symptoms to continue. Psychotherapy should ideally be conducted by experienced counselors, psychiatrists or social workers.

Other than psychotherapy, drugs are also given to those suffering from panic attacks. These medications include anti-anxiety medicines and anti-depressants. The latter can be given even though the patient may not be going through clinical depression. These drugs work by changing the brain chemicals.

Serotonin for instance is important in controlling anxiety and moods. Norepinephrine affects alertness and sleep and helps to handle stress.

Dopamine affects body movements and pays an important role in treating those suffering from addictive behaviors. Drugs for treating panic attacks are typically prescribed by primary care physicians but the length of treatment may differ from one individual to another. Some may need to take medicines throughout their lives.